New River engages broadly with organisations and schools providing high quality workshop facilitation and learning around: leadership development, change management, culture shifting, building capacity, positive psychology, resilience and growing quality teams. 

Our leadership workshops are custom-designed according to your needs and aspirations using context specific content. New River seeks to  work collaboratively with you to shape courses that are relevant in your specific context. Using an action/reflection style of learning we offer practical stand alone workshops or a series that can be run sequentially over a period of time for a more in depth learning experience. Workshops are aimed at uncovering leadership and growing capacity and can act as an introduction to our broader programs.

Backed by research, our most popular professional development workshops cover the following:

  • Strengths based leadership – understanding how leadership is a collaborative effort and active take anyone can be involved in and discovering the leadership strengths needed for an organisation to flourish
  • Strengths awareness – about empowering your team, finding out your strengths and growing leadership strengths of others and creating your ability to collaborate
  • Growing capacity and resilience – understanding change and how it works and effects people, gaining insight and clarity in how you out leadership in times of change, supporting staff to engage positively with change, creating a culture that embraces change
  • Positive psychology in the workplace or in school (staff and students)  - discovering how positive psychology can help you flourish at work and unlock energy, motivation and potential.

We also run workshops specifically targeted for Women in Transition  - From Surviving to Thriving.  Find out more.