Why get Coaching with New River?


Exercising leadership is difficult, it requires experimentation and perspective as well as self awareness. The benefits of engaging in coaching are that it provides a focused space to notice: What works well? What resources have I got to take action? What are my strengths for leadership?
A New River coach will support you in finding clarity around your purpose, developing your personal leadership practice and getting perspective on what is happening around you. The conversations are energising, creative and more often than not surprising for both parties.
All of the New River team are available for coaching and will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs. Regardless of who you choose to work with, you will find your coach is someone who listens deeply, helps you to make discoveries and is genuinely committed to helping you make a difference.

Our approach to coaching

New River combines a range of approaches to coaching in our practice, as well as drawing extensively professional psychology practice and the body of knowledge from our leadership courses. More specifically these include Brief Coaching, Strengths Based Coaching and Solutions Focused Coaching.

A strengths based approach to coaching means that every intervention your coach makes is based on facilitating the discovery, exploration and enhancement of a person’s strengths and resources in the service of helping them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Principles of strength based coaching are :

• People all have an inherent desire to realise their potential
• What we focus on grows
• If there is a problem there is also an exception
• If it works do more of it, if not, stop doing it
• People are experts in their own life
• People are resilient and resourceful
• Problems are problems, people are not problems
• The questions that we ask will determine what we hear
• Change is inevitable, people do change
• There are multiple, equally valid perspectives
• Mobilising strengths empowers people