Leadership strengths survey

12 leadership strengths

Research into leadership in Australia identified 12 leadership strengths that are needed for a group to flourish*. No one brings everything, but everyone brings something. If you want to contribute effectively to leadership, a key question to ask yourself is:

What are the strengths that you bring to leadership?


Take this short survey to discover your  leadership strengths and unlock more energy for making a difference:



Why do leadership strengths matter?

  • No single person can effectively cover all the bases required in taking a group forward – there are no superheroes
  • Our challenges are adaptive, not technical. The time for solo-operating experts is over
  • Leadership is multidimensional and will require many different people to contribute
  • If you are contributing to a team, group or community – you will a) have more energy and b) be more effective if you contribute your strengths
  • A strength is something you are a) good at and b) get energy from - What are the things that you can do all day, and still want more?
  • Keep an eye out for talents: They are things you are good at, but they take energy. Using your talents wisely is a key skill for living out sustainable, long term leadership

More on leadership strengths

  • Read further background research about leadership strengths and why its important to use them
  • Work with a coach to start leading with your strengths and discover greater effectiveness and energy
  • *The research was conducted by our Director Peter Kaldor, in his previous role as Senior Researcher alongside the team at NCLS