Our Impact

We value or partners , just like they value us.  We’re out to make a difference for people.

Here’s some feedback and testimonials from our partnering organisations , schools and individuals about our leadership programs    

“We delighted in your energy and commitment to good practice in our times together. I especially appreciated the way you held the group when we wrestled with complex ideas and your good guidance in exploring some of these issues through various activities. Balancing information giving with the experiential is certainly your gift and it enabled us to ground and integrate our learning.

Your team also modelled collaborative leadership throughout our time together. You each bring distinctive gifts and personalities into the process….. a team committed to a common vision and that is a powerful example to us about what working together really means.

Thank you for the effort and gifts you have offered to Anglicare WA in a difficult time of transition. It has made a significant difference for us and is transformative. Thank you also for your real engagement with us and the opportunity to know you better”  (Anglicare WA 2014)

“Every organisation needs this type of opportunity to reflect and grow in a safe and supported way” (Torrens Valley School, SA)

“Content was sensitively delivered, with appropriate mix of theory / experience, group / individual work and head/physical
Great!!”  (TEAR 2014)

“Extremely skilled facilitators who bring a wealth of theory / experience that can be adapted to a group. I would highly recommend them!” (TEAR 2014)

“Over the years I have done many Professional Development Days around leadership and coaching but I am happy to say that I have found the New River experience the most meaningful. The way your team delivered the course coupled with the committed attitude of the group participants made it a rewarding experience for me.  It is evident that you all really care about the process and the welfare of the participants. “(Teacher,Thomas Hassall School 2014)

Read what some of our participants have said about the Rethinking Leadership Programs 

“I went to the Intensive looking for answers as I felt inadequate as a leader. Rather than learning new skills I learnt to recognise the skills that I already had and was utilising without understanding that they were part of leadership. I also learnt to look more closely at others and what complementary skills they could bring so that together we could make an effective leadership team because leadership is not about one person up the front; rather it is about helping everyone be involved in working towards a goal that is important to everybody. I learnt more about understanding myself than how to change myself, but was also challenged to look at how I could be more effective in what I do.” (Sydney Intensive 2014)

“Here is a leadership course run by caring people. The agenda seemed effortlessly flexible and yet all needs were covered. If you are looking to lead, or already leading, interaction with the New River material and leaders will bring out your best and help discover potential you didn’t know was there.” (Sydney 2014)

The New River Leadership intensive has been a highly valuable experience offering rich insights, learning and reflection. This course has a big impact in my life. Learning new things, being with a very humble group and also the facilitators and guest speakers and being in different places. (Sydney 2014)

“The course has helped me realise I’m not just a team player, I’m a leader. Not having a position or authority isn’t an excuse to not contribute my leadership”  (Sydney 2014)

“The program has helped me realise I don’t need to be all things to all people, who I am is ok. I’ve learnt the importance of not stretching myself too thin” (Sydney 2014)

“An enriching opportunity to learn in a way that brought my whole self in to that experience.  holistic and deep learning about some critical aspects of how I function in the world and with people.” (Sydney 2014)
“A time to stop, listen, reflect, identify and embed valuable opportunities to grow in what I do for a living” (Sydney 2014)
“Invaluable to explore and reflect on leadership ideas and my own journey on it.  Stretching in a good way” (Sydney 2014)
“An emotional and reflective journey  – recognising the strengths I have and setting goals the I want to achieve.  Acknowledging that I am a leader (it’s not just what I do, its who I am)” Sydney 2014