Generative Learning

Through learning we re-create ourselves. Through learning we become able to do something we never were able to do, we extend our capacity to create”   Peter M. Senge

New River learning experiences are creative, surprising and engaging and cater for the full range of learning styles. This is not a place for dry lectures, but rather for active learning that connects in many different ways with both the head and the heart.

We offer bespoke programs that are customised to your organisation ensuring content is relevant and engaging. With thorough research and diagnosis and agile program design, we take time to understand your business and the world you operate within through our consultative approach.

Real world concepts are explored in ways that promote direct application to your particular contexts. Participants engage with current stories and projects giving them authentic experiences of the leadership issues they are unpacking.

We believe in embedding the learning through blended solutions, building experimentally on your current knowledge and creating a supportive peer environment.

We allow space for reflection and action to allow for experimentation within your own context, to step back and get perspective.

We encourage diversity – offering a broad experience with a spectrum of ideas as well as opportunities to engage with people who hold different perspectives fosters a lively learning community

We foster a coaching culture to facilitate discovery, exploration and enhancement of a person’s strengths. We look for the potential in every individual with our strengths-based approach.  It’s a balance between trust and tension, with provocative questioning and a conversational style that builds relationships.

In short we aim for all participants to engage in learning that goes beyond acquiring new knowledge and into unlocking their potential.