Fear of being entertaining


The facilitators worst nightmare What is it? Showing up to a workshop missing an item of clothing? Awkward, but no… Having your laptop go into an automatic update that will take hours, right when you’re meant to start a presentation? Technology is tough, but nope… Having a passive or cynical group of participants sitting defensively […]

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Leadership is everybody’s business.


Leadership is everybody’s business. ‘Am I cut out to be a leader?’ and ‘Have I leadership to contribute?’ are completely different questions that may have different answers. It is important not to confuse them. One can have positional authority and not exercise leadership, and one can exercise leadership without positional authority. Both matter greatly to […]

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Gems from the 2015 Collaboration for Impact Conference


  Last week I escaped Sydney’s rainy and cold weather by diving into the Collaboration for Impact Gathering for 2015. It was a refreshing two days of learning, connecting story sharing. What kept me active was the focus on live and real stories and experiences, which I could directly relate to. The conference was designed […]

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Developing Self-Awareness


Know Yourself Better Self-awareness is core to authenticity. To know our strengths and weaknesses, understand and trust our motives, desires and feelings. Growing self-awareness is an ongoing personal journey that cannot be done alone. Enhanced capacities, wellbeing, resilience and positive relationships is the result of developing self awareness with others.   At any stage in […]

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Why we can no longer afford to see leadership as a luxury item


I’m not sure when or how it happened, but somewhere along the line we decided as a society that leadership is a luxury item, attainable only by the special few. We developed an industry of high quality, proprietary training experiences and put a price tag on them to match. In most instances, these courses are […]

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What we know about leadership capacity, works!


Turn Around Schools: What we know, works! Imagine an organisation where great people have become frustrated or disillusioned because what was once working no longer is.  Some are burnout out, others are madly scrambling to try and lift the organization they love back to what they know it could be.  There’s pressure on the organisation […]

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Looking to turn your school around?

Turn Around Schools: What we know, works! Imagine an organisation where great people have become frustrated or disillusioned because what was once working no longer is.  Some are burnout out, others are madly scrambling to try and lift the organization they love back to what they know it could be.  There’s pressure on the organisation […]

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Can you teach a child to be a better person?


Will Storrs article for The Guardian  asks whether the new trend towards character in education can actually work: can you teach a child to be better person? The answer that emerges for Storr? Probably not. Storr interviews a number of psychologists and, I must admit, in his position I would tend towards the same answer. […]

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Remember to be mindful, or be mindful of remembrance?


The most important thing… When I’m not working with schools, students or adults thinking about leadership and making a difference, I have another life teaching people yoga and studying post-grad psychology. It seems that these worlds are colliding – being mindful has made headways from religious and spiritual traditions into psychology, business and change management. […]

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A Coaching Tool beyond reflective listening – Reflective coaching


Reflective sketching is the use of drawings (simple stick figures located in a mapping system) to complement the coaching dialogue and reflect back on the discussion.   Coaching takes place within an organisational system – as a coach, you are a potential agent for change. Reflective sketching is specifically relevant to complex adaptive challenges as […]

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Old and New World paradigms of leadership


Organisations often struggle with leadership at every level – defining it, identifying it, attracting it, developing it, deploying it, retaining it, and planning for its succession. Far too many people in positions of leadership remain unwilling or unable to make the changes necessary to create a healthy, thriving sustainable organization. In a world changing increasingly […]

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Busting Leadership Myths


We were inspired by the Huffington Post’s recent leadership myth busting blog by Dr Bernice Ledbetter, and thought we’d add a few more based on common threads we hear from people in our projects: Myth: Leaders have to be heroic Reality: When batman flies into Gotham city, is he really doing the people a favour? […]

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Why a surfing lesson might be the best thing you ever do for your teaching career


4 tips to help teachers stay afloat in a busy and challenging school There was no particular reason why this fourth period on a Wednesday should be the lesson that went to pieces. Standing at the front of the barely engaged class, hearing the seventh knock on the door, my consciousness was jolted out of my […]

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Motivating your teachers to go the extra mile


A teacher I’ve worked with was a dance fanatic. No one on the staff knew how much she loved dancing or how good she was at teaching it. Outside of school, she taught dance classes three evenings a week and competed in dance competitions on the weekends. When she first started teaching at the school […]

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Would you friend your online you?


Last month I was standing in the audience at a gig and caught myself planning and re-planning my facebook status update about being there.  “I’m the oldest member of the crowd but still loving it” or “I’m rocking out to the tunes without a care” or “I’m dancing like no one is watching”.  I wanted […]

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So, what is coaching?


The term coaching, (like leadership) is often misunderstood. So what is coaching all about? Coaching isn’t about fixing things quickly, it’s not about doing things for the person being coached. It’s not about telling them what to do, not advising them, not teaching them. Coaching is about deep listening, uncovering options and possibilities. It’s about […]

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What do you wish you knew about life when you were 15?


The question above was asked in an online survey I created for members of our network who work with young people. I’d originally planned a conversation, in person, with a carefully selected pool of think-tankers (and, if you’ve partnered with New River, you fit the bill as a creative, passionate person with a valuable perspective […]

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Welcome – Rethinking Leadership


Our team often talks with partner organisations about the value of leading with a question, so I’d like to do the same for our inaugural blog post: “where have your ideas about leadership come from?” We need to keep rethinking leadership: actively taking a look at the influences and origins of our beliefs about leadership […]

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