You, like everyone has your own unique story and face individual challenges within your specific context. At New River, we recognise your differences and we place a positive value on you as a person and recognise your strengths and enable you to become the best you can be. No-one is written off, everyone matters.

Perhaps you are desiring to make a positive difference with your life,  seeking to develop new directions or be a change agent, intending to more effectively connect with communities and groups, responsible for equipping or supporting others in leadership and needing to enhance the quality of teams under your care or simply concerned to more fully discover your sense of purpose and how to live it out? New River offers individuals personal coaching and invites you to rethink leadership on our workshops and 6 day programs.

We guarantee you’ll benefit from new insights into your context, its challenges and dynamics. You’ll have increased resilience to deal with change, feel more alive in your day to day work with better life balance.  And you’ll  be given time to get clarity on who you are and what you want and discover what really matters and what your strengths are.