Every  school  is  different,  we  don’t  believe  in  one  size  fits  all.  Rather,  we  want  to work with you to design something to suit your specific school situation. Partnering  with  New  River  gives  your  staff  and  students  access  to  the  latest  thinking  and research around leadership , positive psychology, change and innovation, organsiational futures, personal developoment and our globally connected world Your whole school will benefit from Increased capacity to respond to possibilities and change Growth of a strengths based culture that fosters the contributions of all Increased trust, clarity of purpose and mutual learning Unlocked leadership potential with a positive learning organisation  

Outcomes for your staff and students will be:

  • Greater  clarity  around  the  strengths  they  bring  to  leadership
  • Improved  understandings  of  the  dynamics  of  change  and  how  to  navigate  it  effectively
  • Practical  skills  and  experience  in  using  their  strengths  alongside  others  to  make  a  difference
  • Greater  confidence,  optimism,  resilience  and  self  esteem  as  a  result  of  using  these  strengths  and
  • discovering  gifts  they  can  contribute
  • Deeper  exploration  of  their  core  values,  what  really  matters  to  them  and  how  to  make an  impact.