Who we work with

The New River team engages broadly with

  • organisations -  primarily Not For Profit groups in the social sector
  • schools  – primary and secondary in both public and private sector
  • individuals  – diverse range of people from all walks of life  

We provide facilitation and learning around: leadership development, change management, culture shifting, building capacity, positive psychology, resilience and growing quality teams. New River is committed to individuals who are working to make their communities and workplaces better.

New River invites individuals, teams, groups and organisations rethink leadership and helps to foster positive cultures, authenticity and resilience, collective leadership and sustainable change.

Our learning experiences are creative, surprising and engaging.  We encourage active and reflective learning.

Leadership development is about deeper exploration, personal reflection and growth as well as thinking about your contribution to others. We’ll help you unlock your own potential and build a larger base of leadership capacity within your school, organisation or community.

Read further about the benefits for schools, organisations and individuals by clicking on the link above.