Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a group of people from a variety of business backgrounds, appointed by the Directors, to give advice on the future directions of New River.

Ian Pollard

Ian Pollard

Ian Pollard is a businessman, coach of senior executives and a writer and speaker on personal development. Ian has been Chairman, a director or CEO of around 30 companies.

Ian’s keenest interest, both academic and practical, is in the growth of individuals and of teams. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than seeing people jumping hurdles, growing through the experience and realising that they have further untapped potential.

He has written a number of books. The most recent, titled Investing in Your Life, seeks to communicate the size of our opportunities for personal growth – growth in our human capital (who and what we are) and our social capital (who and what we are surrounded by).

Ian is a Rhodes Scholar and actuary. He is also a keen sportsman and represented Australia in tennis in his youth.

Tina Rendell

Tina Rendell

Tina comes to the New River Board with a range of leadership  experiences in the community, education and religious sectors. From grass roots youth work to TAFE teaching and senior executive management, Tina is passionate about encouraging individuals and organisations to reach their potential.

A qualified teacher and community worker with a masters in social policy and management she has experienced the highs and lows of offering leadership across a range of volunteer, community and organisational contexts.

She brings experience in leading change in complex organisational environments and has a particular interest in encouraging leadership that can grow healthy multicultural organisations and communities.

Trevor Thomas

Trevor ThomasTrevor is the Managing Director of Ethinvest an ethical investment advisory practice. Until recently he was the Chair of the Board of TEAR Australia.

Prior to joining Ethinvest, Trevor worked for six years in Paraguay in Community Development and was part of TEAR Australia’s education team.

Trevor is actively engaged in professional and personal mentoring roles with a number of people in the social justice, environmental and NGO sector. Trevor has an economics degree from Sydney University, with honours in Government, and an MBA from Eastern University in Philadelphia – where he studied under Ronald Sider and Tony Campolo.

Trevor is a keen cyclist, average basketballer and (fair trade) coffee home barista.